a person who makes things out of wood

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  • What do you call someone who makes things out of wood?

  • w woodcrafter or whittler like geppa in pinnocio What is A man who makes things out of furniture? A person who makes furniture out of wood is either a Carpenter, Woodworker, Cabinetmaker, or even a furniture maker. What do you call a man who makes man clothing?

  • What do you call a person who makes furniture?

  • There are several possibilities: carpenter, cabinet maker, furniture maker, wood carver, wood worker, pattern maker, even the slang term of chippy for a carpenter on a building site or on a naval ship, etc. How often does a person use teak furniture? Teak furniture is a high quality wood furniture.

  • What does a carpenter do?

  • A carpenter is a person who makes things out of wood. You could hire a carpenter to build you a dining room table and two long benches. Carpenters specialize in woodworking, making furniture and buildings from wood and repairing various wooden things.

  • What do you call a person who makes sculptures?

  • A person who makes sculptures is called a sculptor. A sculptor is a type of artist who utilizes sculptural processes such as welding, carving, and modelling to create three dimensional works of art with materials such as clay, metal, and wood. What should I use to protect and seal my stained wood furniture?

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