a piece of wood floats on water

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Less dense than water

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  • What makes a piece of wood float?

  • See what the community says and unlock a badge. the buoyant force would be more than the weight of the wood piece to make it float more the buoyant force more is the the area of the wood above the water Still have questions?

  • What makes a stick float in a lake?

  • Usually, if you throw a wooden plate or a wood stick into the lake, it floats. Some people may know the determining factor 鈥?Density, which is equal to weight divided by volume. Since most of the woods are porous, their density is relatively low.

  • Do I need copper and lead to make wood float on water?

  • Edit: I’m pretty sure the densities of copper and lead are necessary. For the wood to just barely float, the string must pull hard enough to bring the wood completely under the water. (Any stronger pull and it will sink.) The forces on the wood are: its weight down, the string pulling down, and the buoyant force pushing up.

  • Why metal ship does float on the water?

  • 2.1) What is Density? 3) Why Metal Ship Does Float on the Water? There is a simple answer to this question: since the wood has a lower density than water, it floats on it. Well, that鈥檚 the right answer, but it鈥檚 not perfect at all. There are other points.

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