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A wood stain is atype of paintthat consists of a coloring agent dissolved, mixed, or suspended in a solvent acting as the carrier or 鈥榲ehicle.鈥?The carrier substance can be water, lacquer, polyurethane, varnish, or shellac. Wood stain can be used to either darken or lighten the wood and can also add protection from moisture.

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  • What is wood stain?

  • In its general sense, it can be defined as a coating that changes the appearance of wood by changing its color as well as adding a thick-protective coat that goes deeper, so that a block of wood can recover from damage, and also ensure longevity. There are four basic ingredients found in every wood stain: pigments, resins, and additives.

  • What is extreme exterior wood stain and how does it work?

  • Whereas many wood stains alter the color of your wood to the point that they take on different shades altogether, DEFY Extreme Exterior Wood Stain aims to brighten the natural appearance of your outdoor wooden surface, keeping it looking rich and vibrant 鈥?even when exposed to sunlight, which can dull wooden surfaces.

  • What is the difference between stain and paint?

  • The major difference between stain and paint any woodworker should know is their applications on the wood. Stain penetrates deep into the wood鈥檚 pores. On the other hand, paint just coats the top of the wood. It means, in the case of paint, it would be a layer of pigments on the wood.

  • What is the difference between staining and finishing wood?

  • Traditionally, finishing was created solely to provide additional protection against the weather and daily wear and tear. A finish can also provide that wet or shiny appearance, which is also a matter of preference. So, a 鈥渟tain鈥?changes the wood鈥檚 color or tint and a 鈥渇inish鈥?offers protection and gives it an enhanced look.

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