are carpenter ants wood destroying insects

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  • Do carpenter ants eat wood?

  • And while most wood-boring insects are known to eat wood, carpenter ants actually don鈥檛. Instead, these ants build nests in the wood by making tunnels in them, particularly in damp or rotting wood.

  • Are carpenter ants dangerous to humans?

  • Carpenter ants do not spread diseases or infections; however, they can still be dangerous. The danger with carpenter ants comes from the fact that they make their nests in wood. If they choose your home for their nest, they can cause serious structural damage.

  • Are termites or carpenter ants or beetles causing your damage?

  • While termites, carpenter ants, and beetles can cause large amounts of damage to any type of home or property, don鈥檛 panic. Unsure of which type of pest is causing your infestation?

  • What are the signs of a carpenter ant infestation?

  • They rarely damage sound wood, but once a nest is built, it allows moisture to build, leading to more wood rot. Carpenter ants vary in size from 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch long and can be black, a combination of black and red, red, or brown. Signs of a carpenter ant infestation include small holes in wood with sawdust and other debris below them.

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