are dogs allowed at muir woods

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Pets are not permitted

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  • Are pets allowed in Muir Woods National Park?

  • You, or your pet can quickly get into harms way if your pet encounters park wildlife. The scent of your dog, or even a single bark can cause wild animals to be agitated. Pets are not permitted in Muir Woods. The park is very small and can get very crowded.

  • Do I need reservations for the shuttle to Muir Woods?

  • Do I need reservations? Yes, the National Park Service launched a parking and shuttle reservation system at Muir Woods National Monument. Reservations are required for all vehicles and shuttle riders. Details are available at

  • Is there a picnic area at Muir Woods?

  • However, there are several picnic areas nearby, including Muir Beach, Muir Beach Overlook, and Bootjack Picnic Area. Food and hot beverages are available in our caf, operated by our park concessionaire, Muir Woods Trading Company. Can I camp at Muir Woods?

  • Can I get married at Muir Woods National Monument?

  • At Muir Woods National Monument, permits for weddings are issued outside of peak visitor hours, so either before 10 a.m. or after 4:30 p.m. From March 15 to October 15, we are unable to issue permits for weekends and holidays.

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