are wooden wicks safe

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  • Are wood Wicks safer than cotton wicks?

  • Wood wicks are relatively safer since their flames are already pretty short. As a result, there is not much possibility of any object or person catching fire from it. The longer flames of cotton wicks can lead to fire hazards more easily. So remember to put them somewhere with enough unoccupied space.

  • What is a wooden Wick?

  • Wood wicks aren鈥檛 much different than cotton wicks, but they are unique and relatively new. In the last 5 years or so, their popularity has grown, especially as more and more people are making candles. Odds are good that if you鈥檙e using them, they come from The Wooden Wick Co. because of patents making it difficult for other companies to compete.

  • Which is better cotton or wood Wicks for candles?

  • If you need a better scent throw for a warm evening or a romantic dinner, go for wood wicks. They burn longer than cotton wicks which will save you from re-lighting the candle more frequently. Cotton wicks help to produce taller flames than wood wicks.

  • What is the minimum height of a wood burning wick?

  • This isn鈥檛 a requirement, and it鈥檚 technically not in line with ASTM 2417, but if you leave wooden wicks longer they tend to burn too bright and hot. The ideal flame is roughly 1/2鈥?tall.

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