can i paint wood veneer furniture

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  • How do you paint over veneer furniture?

  • Paint a coat of primer onto the veneer finish, sanding the surface once more after the coat of primer has dried thoroughly. The extra sanding helps to make the surface you’re painting smooth and unblemished. Use your tack cloth to remove dust particles again, and then add another coat of primer.

  • How many coats of paint do you put on veneer?

  • Apply at least two coats of your chosen paint to the veneer surface, painting over the dried primer. If you’re opting for a light color, you’ll need to apply two coats at minimum, and you may need more to achieve the desired effect.

  • Is wood veneer hard to paint?

  • Wood veneer is created when very thin slices of wood—usually less than 1/8-inch thick—are glued on to wood panels or particle board. The veneer gives the surface a better appearance and makes it look like solid wood. Painting wood veneer is not hard.

  • Can You stain veneer furniture?

  • Although veneer cannot absorb stain in the same way that traditional wood can, it is possible to spruce up veneered furniture with paint. Remove all hardware from the furniture. This may include handle pulls, hinges and decorative knobs.

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