can i reuse old deck wood

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  • What to do with old decking boards?

  • What to Do with Old Deck Boards 1 Give it Away. Sure, you put a whole lot of money into that old deck and getting something out of it would be ideal. 2 Sell It. Of course, if you feel as though you have too much money invested into your old deck to just give it away, you could try to … 3 Local Trash Pickup. … 4 Find a Way to Reuse it. …

  • Can you recycle old decking?

  • You can recycle that old deck into a useful, beautiful piece with just a little bit of elbow grease and some creativity. One thing to keep in mind is that there are plenty of different materials that can be used for decking and that each type can have its own different purposes.

  • Can You reuse pressure treated decking?

  • The short answer is no. Due to the harmful chemicals present in the wood, pressure-treated wood cannot easily be reclaimed for reuse. So, what exactly is in pressure treated wood that makes it potentially dangerous? This varies depending on how old the deck is.

  • Can I replace my old deck with a new one?

  • Replacing an old deck with a new one can be a welcomed time of change. Even if you spent many great times on your old deck, there will likely come a time where the wood becomes warped and deteriorated and simply needs to be replaced. The process of replacing your old deck is another process entirely but it is one that you can take on by yourself.

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