can lowes cut wood at an angle

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  • How many cuts of wood does Lowes take?

  • Most stores offer a set number of cuts per piece of wood, after which there is a small charge for each additional cut. The smart move is to call your local store to ask about its policy before showing up. Most Lowes stores allow for one free cut per board.

  • Does Lowe鈥檚 work with lumber companies?

  • Lowe鈥檚 works with all of their customers that need lumber, whether for the DIY project at home, for home remodeling, or for construction needs. The company offers a wide range of store services and services for professionals, but does Lowe鈥檚 cut wood?

  • Does Home Depot cut wood for You?

  • The answer to this question is likely 鈥測es,鈥?that Home Depot stores will possibly cut wood. This service is provided when the wood is purchased from their stores, the same as Lowe鈥檚 cuts wood for their customers.

  • Does Lowe鈥檚 cut wood for picture frames?

  • Do not expect the associate at your local Lowe鈥檚 store to cut a piece of wood for your 5 x 7-inch picture frame. The reason that Lowe鈥檚 does not cut small pieces of wood is because of safety concerns.

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