can wood putty be stained

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  • Can You stain over putty?

  • Putty comes in two forms, pre-colored or as a stainable wood filler designed to fill minor imperfection such as nail holes, cracks, and gouges in the wood surface. Putty will display stain a bit differently than wood, so it is not a perfect fix, but a good one.

  • Is wood putty or wood filler best for unfinished woodwork?

  • Let鈥檚 clear up the confusion right now: Wood fillers can be sanded and stained and are best used on unfinished woodwork. Wood putty is best for repairing cracks and small holes on finished woodwork. What Is Wood Filler? What Is Wood Putty? What Is Wood Filler?

  • Can wood putty be sanded?

  • This pliability allows wood putty to be applied to a project after it has been stained and finished. However, due to the softer texture, wood putty is not easily sanded. Generally, wood filler hardens to a sandable consistency.

  • Can You stain wood filler?

  • Ensure that the wood filler you鈥檝e used is stainable. The wood filler should state on the packaging whether it鈥檚 stainable or not鈥攊f it鈥檚 water-based or solvent-based, it should hold a stain well. If it isn鈥檛 stainable, such as an oil-based wood filler, it won鈥檛 hold the color well when you go to paint it.

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