can you bleach wood furniture

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  • How to remove Bleach from wood furniture?

  • To do this, mix 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water in a bowl and apply this mixture using a new paint brush (or cleaned out paint brush) all over the areas the bleach was applied. You鈥檒l also notice after applying the bleach, that the piece of furniture may feel rough again. This is because the bleach 鈥渆xposed鈥?the wood fibers.

  • Can you bleach over sanded wood?

  • Treatment with any bleach raises the grain of the wood, even when the piece of furniture has already been thoroughly sanded. To prevent the raised grain from affecting the finish, it must be resanded to the level of the wood surface after the wood is dry. After bleaching, let the piece of furniture dry for at least two days.

  • When should furniture be bleached?

  • In most cases, bleaching is essentially a first-aid measure not a routine part of refinishing. A piece of furniture should be bleached if the surface is marked by stains, black rings, or water spots; if the wood is discolored or blotchy; if the color is uneven; or if an old stain or filler is left after the finish is removed.

  • Can you use bleach on hardwood floors?

  • One of the most significant reasons we advise against using bleach on wood is the chance it could discolor or show signs of fading on your hardwood or other surfaces. In most situations, you only want to use bleach on other surface types or different floor types.

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