can you bleach wood furniture

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  • How do you bleach wood furniture?

  • Lightly sand your furniture, wipe clean and prepare to bleach the furniture. I used Clorox Splash-Less which has a gel like consistency. Pour the Clorox into a bowl or bucket. Using a rag, apply a thin layer of Clorox to the furniture.

  • Can you put bleach on dirty wood?

  • Never apply bleach to dirty wood. Before bleaching your wood, wipe the wood down with water using a soft rag. Remove any stuck on dirt or debris carefully and then let the wood sit out to dry. Usually, the wood will need to dry for one to two days before it can be bleached.

  • Does bleach lighten the color of furniture?

  • Household bleach definitely lightens the color of furniture, but it doesn鈥檛 go deep to get out the color of the wood, like I needed it to. I had tried this Savogran wood bleach before and was not impressed. My household bleach did a better job that this product, in my opinion.

  • Can you use bleach to lighten hardwood floors?

  • Use two-part chemical bleach to lighten wood. If you’re just looking to lighten your existing wood, a two-part chemical solution is your best option. It’s a less aggressive approach that aims to alter the appearance of wood without making major changes to it. Mix your bleaches together.

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