can you burn maple wood in a fireplace

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  • Is Maple a good firewood to burn?

  • Fast growing maples or parts of them is not so good. You can tell this by growth rings that are far apart. Maple is a hardwood and is less dense than, for example, oak but burns slow and puts out a good amount of heat. Because it鈥檚 a slower burning wood, over time, you will have creosote build up, but that is with all wood you burn.

  • Is it safe to burn wood in a fireplace?

  • Remember wood is completely safe to burn, can give you a huge sense of accomplishment and, depending on your region can be the most cost-effective way to heat. The wood is difficult to split but produces a hot fire. The wood is a great choice for anyone looking to use it in a fireplace or wood furnace.

  • What happens if you burn seasoned firewood in a fireplace?

  • This provides a poor burning experience overtime and can lead to large combustions. Lots of people burn seasoned firewood in their fireplace, but unfortunately, seasoned wood is really the same thing as rotting wood.

  • What is the best wood to burn in a fire pit?

  • Layer the pile with both hardwood and softwood to ensure a speedy start, and a slow finish burn. Cherry, Hard Maple, Oak, and Birch are considered hardwoods (Oak and Hard Maple being the hardest, longest-burning wood choices of the lot).

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