can you cerakote wood

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  • Can you use Cerakote on wood stock?

  • Cerakote can be used on wood stocks and would do a good job of sealing the stock. With that being said, if you were going to have a wood stock painted a single solid color in cerakote, the stock would have to be prepped very good to come out looking nice.

  • How to use a Cerakote sprayer?

  • So far, you have mixed the cerakote color and catalyst in the appropriate ratio you are good to go. Set the pressure of the sprayer to be around 20-25 psi. If you鈥檙e using an airbrush sprayer, set the nozzle so it doesn鈥檛 spray the cerakote too thick or too thin.

  • How do you cure cerakoted wood?

  • Finally, put the cerakoted material into a curing oven and allow to bake for one hour at 300 degrees. After baking in the oven, allow the material to cool off. Unwrap any area you might have masked with high heat-resistant tape.

  • What do you need to Cerakote?

  • What you鈥檒l need to cerakote is basically your personal possessions and in exceptional cases, a few other friends. Therefore you鈥檒l do just fine with this list of resources.

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