can you eat wood sorrel

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  • Is wood sorrel edible?

  • All parts of wood sorrel are edible including leaves, flowers, seed pods, and roots. Wood sorrel has a long known history of culinary use in ancient cultures. One species native to the Andes, Oxalis tuberosa, has been cultivated for its edible tubers since pre-Cololumbian times.

  • Can you eat wood sorrel or sour grass?

  • You may find yellow wood sorrel ( Oxalis stricta), creeping wood sorrel ( Oxalis corniculata), or another type of edible wood sorrel growing in your garden right now, and it鈥檚 one of the tastier weeds you can eat. Find out how to identify wood sorrel or sour grass and how to use it. WHAT IS WOOD SORREL OR SOUR GRASS?

  • Where does wood sorrel grow?

  • Common and widespread, wood sorrel is usually found lurking under other plants, where it is shaded and protected. Some types have branched roots, while others produce little onion-like bulbs. Depending on the species, wood sorrel can be an annual or a perennial plant. It can grow up to 30cm tall and form 2-3 meters wide clusters.

  • Is sorrel safe to eat?

  • Consult your doctor before eating sorrel for any medical reason. Sorrel contains high amounts of oxalic acid, the main component of kidney stones. You may need to avoid eating sorrel if you are prone to developing these stones; talk to your physician for a recommendation on this food.

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