can you eat wood sorrel

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  • Can you eat wood sorrel or sour grass?

  • You may find yellow wood sorrel ( Oxalis stricta), creeping wood sorrel ( Oxalis corniculata), or another type of edible wood sorrel growing in your garden right now, and it鈥檚 one of the tastier weeds you can eat. Find out how to identify wood sorrel or sour grass and how to use it. WHAT IS WOOD SORREL OR SOUR GRASS?

  • Is wood sorrel edible?

  • Yes, wood sorrel is edible! Sour grass is a favorite foraged green, far more palatable to many than stronger-flavored plants like dandelions. Wood sorrels are a terrific choice for beginner foragers, easy to identify and beloved by kiddos for its lemony flavor.

  • Where do you find wood sorrel?

  • Habitat: Wood sorrel prefers moist soil, and partial shade. Patches of wood sorrel are prevalent on forest floors, and are often found near wild violets, cleavers, and wild onions. Edible parts: Wood sorrel is an incredible thirst quencher and is refreshing to eat.

  • How to identify wood sorrel Oxalis stricta?

  • Wood Sorrel Oxalis stricta 1 Distinguishing Features. The leaves of this wild edible plant slightly resemble a shamrock. … 2 Flowers. The wood sorrel flower is yellow has five petals and it is about 1 to 1.5 cm wide. … 3 Leaves. … 4 Height. … 5 Habitat. … 6 Edible Parts. … 7 Other Name 8 Recipes

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