can you hang a tv over a wood burning fireplace

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Not safe

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  • Can You mount a TV on a wood burning fireplace?

  • With the way a wood-burning fireplace is designed, a significant portion of the heat is exhausted through the chimney, rather than entering the room and reaching your TV. Unlike a regular wood-burning fireplace, a wood-burning fireplace insert is one of the worst scenarios for hanging or mounting a TV.

  • Does heat from a fireplace affect a TV?

  • If the heat doesn’t affect the TV, the smoke might. At the same time, heat rising from a fireplace quickly dissipates. Heat measured directly above the top lip of the fireplace box will be different from heat even a foot or two above that location.

  • How do you protect a TV from heat from a fireplace?

  • Installing a fireplace mantel or hood will help deflect the heat coming from a fireplace and help keep radiant heat from melting or damaging your TV. Using a fireplace mantel or fireplace hood with your wood-burning, gas or electric fireplace is also a great way to help block any heat coming from fires from impacting your TV.

  • Is it safe to put a TV above a wood-burning stove?

  • Is it safe to put a TV up above the wood-burning stove? The answer, in short, is yes! But you should be aware of some things before you go ahead and do this. First, make sure that the chimney for your stove has been inspected to ensure there are no blockages or cracks.

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