can you hang a tv over a wood burning fireplace

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  • Can you put a TV above a wood burning stove?

  • With fireplace mantels 50 to 60 inches high, placing the TV above the fireplace raises the screen viewing height too high. Fire in the fireplace will distract from viewing. Heat from wood-burning and other high-heat fires may affect the TV.

  • Can you hang a TV over a fireplace?

  • If you do plan on hanging or mounting a TV over your fireplace, there are three things you should do. First, you should place a mantel over or around your fireplace. A fireplace mantel will block some of the heat rising up from your fireplace and help to keep your TV cooler.

  • Can you put a TV above a wood stove or fireplace mantel?

  • The first thing you must do before getting your new TV above your wood stove or fireplace mantel is made sure that it will fit properly on top of what you already have up there.

  • How do you block heat from a fireplace from a TV?

  • Using a fireplace mantel or fireplace hood with your wood-burning, gas or electric fireplace is also a great way to help block any heat coming from fires from impacting your TV. But again, you鈥檒l also need to have proper clearance before installing those items.

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