can you put wood planks over tile

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  • Can I Lay a wood floor over tile?

  • Yes, you can lay a wood floor over tile if the existing floor is in good shape and without cracks. I would suggest 3/8鈥?thick, prefinished engineered hardwood flooring or easy to install laminate flooring. Some brands can be installed as a floating floor that locks together and is not attached to the tile, or you can glue it down.

  • Can you install vinyl planks right over wood or tile?

  • You can install vinyl planks right over wood or tile 鈥?here鈥檚 how. Vinyl flooring can be installed on most types of subflooring, including pre-existing hardwood. Of course, it鈥檚 not always a simple process. When you鈥檙e installing vinyl planks, it鈥檚 important to have a smooth and seamless surface, more importantly a flat and level subfloor.

  • Can you put Engineered Floors over tile?

  • When we went to look at wood floors, we were told that it would be perfectly fine to put engineered floors over tile, as long as the tile was firmly adhered to cement, which it was, and even better if it is the click type of wood.. Now 7 months later, we have popping, cracking, and hollow sounds..

  • Can you put Wood on top of porcelain tile?

  • If you lay glue down wood on top you will add about 3/8鈥?to the height of the floor. That could lead to issues with baseboard issues and door clearence issues. Second, ceramic and porcelain are non-porous so the glue for the wood has nothing to grab hold of and will eventually come loose.

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