can you stain new wood

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  • Should you let wood dry before staining?

  • Let the wood dry for a few days prior to staining, unless the stain brand specifically says it can be applied to damp wood. Apply 1 coat only of the stain! Overapplying will not allow the stain to properly penetrate the wood grain, producing results that will not last as long.

  • What is the best way to stain wood?

  • Staining wood can be accomplished with either water, oil, gel or varnish-based stains. Staining is not the same as finishing. Staining affects the tone or color of the wood and brings out the beauty of its natural grain. Finishing is sealing the wood from moisture and environmental damage. Not all stains and sealers play well together.

  • Can I stain a new deck?

  • Before staining a new deck, it must be properly prepped. Please note that new smooth wood surfaces are not porous enough for stains to penetrate deep enough into the wood grain for a long-lasting finish.

  • Why should you stain your wood project?

  • When needed, staining can be a great way to give a more vibrant look to your wood project. Staining can also be very useful if you want to restore the former beauty of your old piece of furniture. The question is: which stain do you choose? And then, how to stain wood without botching your project?

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