can you upholster wooden chairs

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  • How to upholster a chair?

  • How to Upholster a Chair. If the chair is already upholstered and it has become old, you need to remove them before starting with the new upholstery process. Cut open the upper upholstery cover and remove the filler materials. This has to be done for the seat as well as the backrest.

  • How to choose the right upholstery fabric for your office chair?

  • Before you start with, the process of upholstering, you need to compare the usage of different materials for upholstery fabric to decide the right one. The existing fabric on the old chair might be leather, nylon, polyester or Polyurethane. Consider the lifespan of that fabric before choosing the new one.

  • How much fabric do I need to make a wooden chair?

  • You are almost done. Remember the first square of fabric you attached? Now you have to do the same to cover the hole at the bottom of your seat. So, you need a square of fabric about 2cm (0. 78 inches) bigger than the wood frame. Place it on the wood.

  • How do you make a chair out of fabric?

  • Lay your piece of fabric upside down on the table and place your seat in the middle of it, with the foam facing the fabric. Start to staple the 4 cardinal points first, always pulling the fabric, like you did for the foam. Now continue to attach all sides of the fabric to the wood.

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