can you use epoxy on wood

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  • How to use epoxy resin on wood?

  • This fluid characteristic of the epoxy resin will pose a challenge for woodworkers who want to apply the epoxy resin on the wood surface. To contain its fluidity, you need to tape the edges of the flat surface so that the epoxy resin will not drip and run over onto the floor.

  • How do you apply epoxy to hardwood floors?

  • Drag the spatula through the epoxy slowly, pulling it to the edges of the wood and creating an even layer. Pull the spatula or spreader back and forth over the entire piece of wood as many times as it takes to form a flat layer of epoxy.

  • How do you stop epoxy from leaking?

  • Attach painter鈥檚 tape to the back of the wood to catch epoxy drips. Turn your piece of wood over and set it on a flat surface. Put painter鈥檚 tape along the perimeter of the back of the wood, pressing down firmly to make sure the epoxy won鈥檛 leak under it. This prevents drips from forming on the underside of the wood when you do your pour.

  • How do you apply epoxy to wood without a spatula?

  • If you don’t have a spatula to use, any other straight, hard surface will work to drag the epoxy across the wood evenly. Pour enough epoxy to cover the edges of the wood as well, wiping up any excess or drips using the foam brush.

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