can you varnish wood filler

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  • How do you apply wood filler to wood?

  • Application varies some from filler to filler, but in general, you trowel or brush the filler on, squeegee or wipe of the excess, wait for it to dry, and sand it level with the surface of the wood. Grain fillers are fairly easy to use, but one thing does take a little skill and thought: getting the color right.

  • Can You stain over wood filler?

  • Most wood grain fillers wont take a stain very well after they dry; whatever color of filler you stuff into the grain of the wood will be a highly visible and permanent change. Most grain fillers are either tinted to emulate the color of various woods, or come in an opaque neutral color.

  • Can You sand down wood filler before painting?

  • Before you paint, sand the spot you used wood-filler on with 220-grit sandpaper to smooth out the surface. Then, wipe away any excess dust from the wood with a wet rag. Use a brush to apply a thin layer of stain to the wood filler.

  • What are the best fillers for woodwork?

  • For filling voids, many woodworkers swear by fillers composed of a nitrocellulose lacquer binder and wood flour (very fine wood particles). Famowood is an example 鈥?and a product that truly lives up to its name.

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