do chiggers live in wood chips

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Chigger control starts with identifying where they are nesting or where they are coming from to enter your property.Nests are typically around the home in pine straw,wood chips,mulch areas,grass,over grown wild areas,briar patches,or anywhere ground cover is thick,shade abundant and moisture available.

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  • Where do chiggers live inside your home?

  • Inside your home, chiggers live on any soft furnishings like beds, couches, accent chairs, and even on rugs and carpets. They can also hide in the tiny gaps and cracks on wooden floors, furniture, and the bed frame. Chiggers need moisture and shade and a source of food for their survival. So, inside your home, they look for the same.

  • What do chiggers eat?

  • Because chiggers are the larva form of mites, they don鈥檛 just feed on the skin but instead feed on the flesh of their host. This is the only time during the mite life cycle that they will feed on live humans. Cycle chiggers have 6 legs instead of the 8 legs that an adult mite will have during this life.

  • How to get rid of chiggers?

  • Shower immediately with soap when you get back indoors because chiggers don鈥檛 attach to the skin right away, they wander around first. Don鈥檛 wear clothing again after being in locations where chiggers might be present. Launder it on a hot washing cycle.

  • Do chiggers bite in cold weather?

  • Chiggers won鈥檛 bite in temperatures under 60 degrees Fahrenheit and are not found in areas above 99 degrees Fahrenheit. How to avoid chiggers? Above I talked more about where chiggers were found.

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