do you soak wood chips for electric smoker

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  • Should you soak wood chips before smoking them?

  • Should You Soak Wood Chips? You might have heard that you should soak your wood chips for at least 30 minutes before you put them on your smoker. In theory, the idea is to prevent premature combustion of the wood chips and to encourage the chips to produce smoke.

  • Can you put wood chips in an electric smoker?

  • If your electric smoker doesn鈥檛 have an obvious receptacle for wood chips, then you can get around this by putting them in a metal can or in some tin foil, and then placing it carefully around the bottom of the chamber of your smoker. You can even use a smoker box, which is designed with good smoke ventilation and durability in mind.

  • How do you keep wood chips from burning on a BBQ?

  • The smoke point of wood chips and chunks is lower than the combustion temperature. Try moving the wood chips farther from the heat, placing them in aluminum foil, or using a two-zone cooking method to prevent burning wood chips on your barbecue. When Should You Soak Wood Chips?

  • Should you soak wood chunks for BBQ?

  • Soaking wood chunks for barbecue is a popular stage of electric smoker preparation for many outdoor cooks. Is it just a BBQ myth, or is there some logic to the approach? Here鈥檚 everything you need to know about soaking wood chips for smoking.

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