how does morning wood work

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  • What is Morning Wood and why does it happen?

  • Your morning wood 鈥?the erection you have as you wake 鈥?is actually the last in a series of nocturnal salutes. In reality, it鈥檚 a bit of a misnomer for a boner that happens several times while you sleep. But why do guys get morning wood? While we know that it happens during REM sleep, science hasn鈥檛 agreed on what exactly is the cause.

  • How can I Make my Morning Wood last longer?

  • If your morning wood has faded, the first thing you should do is prepare and drink the Erection Juice described on page 23 of my ebook (no charge for this book). Ignore the recommendation to drink it in the morning, and take it at night just before bed.

  • Is Morning Wood a sign of good penile health?

  • The thing on which scientists do agree, though, is that morning wood is a sign of good penile health. So, if you鈥檙e not waking up to the morning glory you once knew, it could be a sign that something isn鈥檛 working as it should. What is Morning Wood? Morning wood 鈥?the erection you get when you鈥檙e waking up 鈥?is not really just a morning thing.

  • How does decline in norepinephrine affect Morning Wood?

  • There was question about what causes morning wood. It was answered that the erection in the morning is caused by decline of norepinephrine during REM sleep. Which in part allows to prevent uncontrolled urination. My question is: How does the decline in norepinephrine affect women? They obviously don’t get erection. Show activity on this post.

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