how is tiger woods doing now after his car accident

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  • Is Tiger Woods making progress in his car crash recovery?

  • Tiger Woods has made a lot of progress since his single-vehicle rollover car crash in February, a source tells PEOPLE as the iconic athlete was spotted back on the golf course over the weekend. Tiger has made a remarkable recovery in the past few months, but it’s even more significant lately, the source says.

  • What injuries has Tiger Woods had in his golf career?

  • Tiger Woods has had his fair share of injuries over the years, some of which could have easily ended his golf career. As a 20-year-old, he had a few benign cysts removed from his knees, according to USA Today’s Golfweek .

  • What is wrong with Tiger Woods’back?

  • His agent Mark Steinberg confirmed the former Master’s champion, who has suffered debilitating back pain, was undergoing surgery. Woods was taken to Harbor-UCLA Medical Centre by ambulance, where he is being treated for his injuries.

  • Who is Tiger Woods’girlfriend?

  • Over the weekend, Woods was spotted on a Florida golf course, watching as his son Charlie, 12, competed in a junior tournament. His girlfriend Erica Herman appeared to be by his side. During the February accident, Woods’ car struck a sign in the center divider, cut through a tree and landed alongside the road.

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