how long do wood ducks live

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2 to 4 years

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  • How long do ducks live in the wild?

  • Written by Alice in Ducks, Raising Animals Ducks, on average, will live between 5 and 10 years, depending on the breed, but they can live much longer 鈥?some for as many as 20 years 鈥?if they are well-cared for.

  • What are some interesting facts about wood ducks?

  • Let鈥檚 jump right into some interesting facts about Wood Ducks. 1. Female wood ducks lays up to 15 eggs A female wood duck lays anywhere from 6 to 15 eggs. A nest can hold up to 40 eggs though. If a female can鈥檛 find a good place to lay her eggs, she will use another wood duck nest that already has eggs in it. 2.

  • How long do Indian Runner ducks live?

  • Domesticated Indian runner ducks can live up to 12 years old. The average tends to be somewhere between 8 and 12 years. Lifespans in the wild are much shorter. Just one or two years is the average lifespan of a wild Indian Runner duck. How long do Khaki Campbell ducks live?

  • How long do Aylesbury ducks live for?

  • The average lifespan of aylesbury ducks is ten years. However, they can lay eggs for up to six years. They can live even more if proper food and care is available to them. How long do farm ducks live?

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