how long do wood ducks live

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2 to 4 years

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  • How long do ducks live?

  • Ducks are adorable waterfowls but they do not live as much as their relatives geese. The average lifespan of a duck is no more than 10. There is a general rule of thumb which is used to determine their lifespan. The bigger size breeds do not survive for longer, they seldom live for five to seven years.

  • What is the lifespan of a Pekin duck?

  • Pekin ducks (or white ducks) can live from 5 to 10 years, while some can live up to 20 years. Some people call Pekin ducks 鈥測ellow ducks鈥?because they have yellow coats when they are babies, and these coats will fade to white color when they are getting older.

  • What is the size of a wood duck?

  • Wood ducks are about 19 inches (48 centimeters) in length and have a wingspan of about 28 to 39 inches (71 to 99 centimeters). Wood ducks live year-round in the Southeast and along the Pacific coast.

  • How old do wood ducks have to be to die?

  • This means very young ducklings must jump out of the high tree cavities onto the ground to make their way to water. Wood ducks typically do not live past the age of four in the wild. They have a high mortality rate, especially when young.

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