how many women was tiger woods with

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  • How many women did Tiger Woods cheat on his wife?

  • As in, 鈥渉ow many girls did Tiger Woods have sex with?鈥?Well, the guesstimate is around 250 is Tiger confessed to cheating on his former wife Elin Nordegren with around 120 women during their five-year marriage alone. Most of Woods鈥?cheating was of the one-night stand variety.

  • Who did Tiger Woods mess up with the most?

  • The person that Tiger messed up the most with was his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren. Tiger couldn’t stay away from the younger women at the bars and nightclubs, which led to him cheating on his wife on many occasions.

  • Is Tiger Woods married?

  • Thankfully, Tiger looks to be getting back to top form with his latest triumph coming at the 2019 Masters. This article will look at Tiger鈥檚 dating life. We can confirm that he isn鈥檛 married. After Erica and Tiger announced their relationship in late 2017, various outlets reported that Erica was a gold-digger.

  • When did Tiger Woods have his first child?

  • In August 2007 they welcomed their first child, a daughter named Sam Alexis. Nordegren then gave birth to their son, Charlie Axel, in February 2009, shortly before Woods’ infidelity was publicised. What is Tiger Woods doing now?

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