how much is a half cord of wood cost

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$180 to $280

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  • How much does a half cord of firewood cost?

  • Half Cord of Firewood. Starting at: $395.00. Half Cord of Seasoned Split Post Oak Firewood (other woods such as mesquite, pecan and hickory can be delivered by selecting them from the drop down below for an additional cost) Stacked Measurements 4鈥檟8鈥?

  • How much is a cord of oak worth?

  • California and Texas tend to have the highest oak prices. A cord of maple is $400 on average, with prices typically ranging between $350 and $450 per cord. It鈥檚 more common to find maple wood sold as a mixed cord, along with other dense hardwoods.

  • What is half of a cord?

  • Half a cord is simply half of what a cord is. A 鈥渃ord鈥?is a measurement to refer to a quantity of wood. It is a pile of wood with 128 cubic feet or 4 by 8 by 4 feet. A half-cord is half this amount or 64 cubic feet. A half cord is basically the amount it takes to fill an 8-foot pickup truck bed.

  • How big is a 1/4 cord of wood?

  • Answer: A 1/4 Cord of wood is 4鈥?High x 16鈥?wide x 6鈥?Length 3.3. What is a Face Cord of Wood? 鈥?Answer: A Face Cord of wood is 4鈥?High x 16 鈥?18鈥?Wide x 8鈥?Deep 3.4. What is a Rick of Wood? 4. What is the Best Type of Firewood to Buy? 4.1. 鈥淥ak鈥?鈥?Firewood 4.2. 鈥淧ine鈥?鈥?Firewood 4.3. 鈥淒ouglas Fir鈥?鈥?Firewood 4.4. 鈥淢aple鈥?鈥?Firewood 4.5.

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