how much is a half cord of wood cost

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$180 鈥?$280

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  • How much does a cord of wood cost?

  • For example: Face Cord 鈥?Face cord of wood cost usually runs around $75. And they are typically forest firewood. Stove Cord 鈥?Stove cord usually costs around $60. And they typically measure 4 feet x 8 feet. Furnace Cord 鈥?Furnace cord usually costs around $85. And they typically measure 4 feet x 8 feet.

  • What is half of a cord?

  • Half a cord is simply half of what a cord is. A 鈥渃ord鈥?is a measurement to refer to a quantity of wood. It is a pile of wood with 128 cubic feet or 4 by 8 by 4 feet. A half-cord is half this amount or 64 cubic feet. A half cord is basically the amount it takes to fill an 8-foot pickup truck bed.

  • How many CC of firewood in a cord?

  • However, the amount of firewood a cord greatly depends on the size of each piece of wood. On the average, a single firewood should have at least 85 cubic feet of volume. National Measurement Institute can help you know more about the legal measurements of firewood. There are also other terms of stacked firewood around the world.

  • How much is a cord of firewood worth in Colorado?

  • A cord of wood sells between $120 and $580 on average. Certain types of wood, such as Southern Cherry Fruitwood, could sell for as much as $900 per cord. What are Colorado Firewood prices? Colorado Firewood charges between $370 and $900 per cord, including delivery.

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