how much wood would

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  • What units can I use to calculate the length of wood?

  • Note: You can give measurements in imperial units (inches, feet, yards) or metric units (centimeters, meters). If you have multiple planks of wood lying end to end, then the calculator can also work out the total board feet of the entire construction: The calculator also works out the total length of the construction:

  • How do I work out the cost of wood?

  • If you know the price per linear foot or board foot, the calculator can work out the total cost of the wood using the formula: In addition, you can calculate the price per board foot/linear foot for the wood you have purchased using the formula: $$Price\,Per\,Board\,Foot = {Total\,Cost\,of\,Wood \over Total\,Board\,Feet\,of\,Wood}$$

  • How much wood could a woodchuck Chuck out of a hole?

  • A wildlife biologist once measured the inside volume of a typical woodchuck burrow and estimated that 鈥?if wood filled the hole instead of dirt 鈥?the industrious animal would have chucked about 700 pounds鈥?worth.鈥?Additionally, though, how much wood could a wood duck duck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

  • How would the estimator work out the total cost of the wood?

  • Finally, the estimator would work out the total cost of the wood: $$Cost = Price\,Per\,Board\,Foot imes Total\,Board\,Feet = 3\,$/bf imes 20\,bf = $60$$

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