how to attach wood nailer to steel beam

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  • How do you attach joists to a steel beam?

  • 1. placing wood joists on the bottom flange of a steel beam then packing the space between the joists with 2×8 or similar or, 2.fastening a wood member to the flange with bolts at 24 o.c. and fastening the joists to the wood member with joist hangers.

  • What type of Nailer do you use to support wood framing?

  • I am using a double 2x P.T. wood nailer to steel beam detail when supporting wood framing on steel. I use a double plate so that common box nails can be used without nailing through to the steel.

  • How to attach a nailer to a beam flange?

  • If you are just attaching the nailer for decking only and the beam flange isn’t too thick you may want to consider self-tapping, self-drilling screws with wings. (Simpson TB screws and Hilti has an equivalent product). When I attach like this, I design the attachment for uplift and any diaphragm shears that are transferred through the connection

  • How to attach wood to a steel I-beam?

  • How to Attach Wood to a Steel I-beam Step 1. Cut a wooden plank of 2×6 or 2×8 stock to length using a circular saw. Step 2. Measure alternating holes at 12-inch intervals in the I-beam with a tape measure. Mark the points with a pencil. Step 3. Drill 1/4-inch holes with a drill and a metal bit. If …

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