how to calculate square feet for wood flooring

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  • How do you calculate the square feet of a floor?

  • If the room is L-shaped, measure each section as its own area. Including inches is important 鈥?for example, 4 inches adds up to a foot every three planks or sections of flooring. Input the length and width measurements, and the Flooring Clarity floor calculator calculates the square feet of the area, shown in the lower box.

  • How does a flooring calculator work?

  • Before you start using the calculator, you should measure the width and length of the room you want to lay a new floor in. Based on these values, the calculator first calculates the area of the room in square footage. It estimates this using the formulae: Once you know the room area (in square footage) you鈥檙e good to go purchase the material!

  • How much flooring do I need per square foot?

  • Once you use the calculator to determine the total flooring square foot amount you need, you can insert the square foot per box into the calculator when you choose a specific flooring and are ready to order it. The default is 5%, and that should be perfect for most jobs.

  • How do you measure a room for a floor plan?

  • Measure the length and the width of the room. Measure the length and width of the floor in your room. Round your measurements up to the nearest foot. For example, if the length of the room from baseboard to baseboard is 20 feet 2 inches, round it up to 21 feet.

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