how to finish outdoor wood furniture

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To effectively protect and finish outdoor wood furnitureapply a first coat of 25 percent varnish to 75 percent mineral spirits. When this has dried, sand lightly with 150 grit sand paper, wipe clean with cloth and mineral spirits, and then apply a coat of 50 percent varnish to 50 percent mineral spirits.

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  • Why should you consider finishing outdoor wood furniture?

  • Finishing outdoor wood furniture will not only beautify it, but also extend its lifespan by many years. Applying a durable finish to outdoor furniture brings out its rich grain while weatherproofing the surface. The older the furniture is, the more beautiful the grain and luster. Step 1. Inspect for Repairs

  • What is the best finish for outdoor furniture?

  • If you want the wood to show through on your outdoor projects, you need a clear finish. There are three basic clear finishes for outdoor furniture: exterior oil, exterior varnish, and an epoxy sealer with an exterior varnish topcoat. Application ease and service life are the two major differences between these finishes.

  • How to refinish outdoor furniture?

  • Pick a shady working area like the garage or workshop to do your refinishing and lay down a drop cloth or some plastic. For the best results you want to refinish outdoor furniture in a place protected from rain, excessive dust or leaves and away from direct sunlight which can affect the drying of the finish.

  • Can you put furniture outdoors?

  • You can put anything outdoors, but the pieces that will last the longest will be made of: naturally water-resistant woods such as cedar, cypress, teak, or redwood If your furniture does not fall into those materials, then you will want to apply an exterior varnish to protect the wood.

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