how to get staples out of wood floor

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Staple Remover

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  • How to remove broken staple from hardwood floors?

  • The popular technique on how to remove staples from wood include using hand tools such as pliers, staple pullers, cat鈥檚 paws, chisel or knives and screwdrivers. For a detailed step on how to remove broken staples from hardwood floors using the simplest method and the right tools, keep reading.

  • How to remove staple from wood with pliers?

  • Whether you want to renovate your house or redo the carpets, having a staple remover is just as important as having a staple gun. To remove staples from wood with pliers, just open the plier鈥檚 jaw, hook through your pin, and close it. Now roll your pliers to pull the fastener. Lastly, pull the staples out with the pointed end of the pliers.

  • What is the best tool to remove staples?

  • Needle-nose pliers are best suited for small, delicate staples. It has pointed tips that enable it to grip even the tiniest staples. Woodworkers also make use of pocket knives to remove staples. To use a pocket knife to remove staples, slip the sharp point under the staple and pop it out.

  • How do you get staples out of wood with a chisel?

  • Chisels and Depressions. Chisels may be the last option for removing staples from wood. Chisels allow you to chip or carve a small depression around the staple, so that you can get a good grip on it with pliers or other tools.

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