how to get urine smell out of wood

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How Do I Remove the Urine Smell From a Wood Floor?Pour 1 cup of water and 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide in a large bowl. …Test a small area of your wood floor to make sure your homemade urine odor remover will not affect the color of the floor.Soak a rag in the solution,and use it to wipe the entire area of the wooden floor where there was urine.More items…

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  • How to get urine smell out of wood floors?

  • However, It is possible to remove the urine smell from your wood floor if you use the right products. Pour 1 cup of water and 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide in a large bowl. According to the website MadeMan, the hydrogen peroxide will break up the enzymes in the urine.

  • What happens if you pee on wood furniture?

  • Wood, by its nature, is porous and will stain and absorb odors. Urine is the most challenging of all odors to remove from wood as ammonia in urine penetrates wood fibers quickly. If it’s not wiped up in a hurry, urine decomposes and causes the undiluted ammonia to burn through the wood finish.

  • How do you get dog urine out of wood?

  • Impermeable Wood Surfaces. 1 Spot-Clean the Area. Clean the problem area first with water and a sponge to remove the majority of the urine spot. 2 Dispose of Cleaning Supplies. 3 Apply Product. 4 Let Soak. 5 Wipe Area. More items

  • What does cat urine smell like on hardwood floors?

  • Cat urine has an unmistakable, ammonia-like, pungent smell that permeates the room and can even extend to the rest of the house. Until the cat urine odor is addressed, it will announce itself every time you enter the house. Older, heavily used wood floors’ porosity makes the problem even worse, since the urine is able to soak into the wood.

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