how to get wooden stakes in animal crossing

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The wooden bridge requires 4 log stakes, so you should aim to get 12 bundles of wood. You can obtain wood byhitting trees with your flimsy axe. Hitting five or six trees should generate enough wood for you to be able to craft log stakes in animal crossing.

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  • How to craft log Stakes in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

  • In order to craft log stakes, all you need to do is gather three pieces of wood so simply start swinging at trees with the flimsy axe. To craft the Bridge Construction Kit you need the following Animal Crossing New Horizons materials:

  • How do you make log Stakes in Minecraft?

  • The log stakes recipe isn鈥檛 demanding at all, and only requires three pieces of regular wood, which you can get by whacking away at trees with an axe. Once you have enough wood, head back to the crafting table and get your log stakes.

  • How do you cross a river in Animal Crossing?

  • And getting log stakes to craft the Bridge Construction kit is one way to cross rivers early on. You get log stakes from the DIY recipes section in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

  • How many pieces of wood do you need for log Stakes?

  • You’ll need three pieces of wood to craft Log Stakes. The good news is the answer is actually quite simple. Like many craftable items in New Horizons, players can find the Log Stakes in their DIY Recipe book on their Nook Phone.

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