how to hang wreath on wood siding

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  • How do you hang a wreath indoors?

  • This may be a good (and zero damage) way to hang a wreath indoors, on a smooth surface like a glass window or a mirror. Make sure to moisten the suction cup before attaching it to the surface to help it adhere better. Here鈥檚 a link to some suction cups with hooks. A wreath stand is a great way to display a wreath indoors.

  • What happens if you hang a wreath on a door frame?

  • Sometimes even the thinnest door hangers just don鈥檛 fit in the door frame. They can hit the door frame and prevent the door from closing properly. When this happens, door frames and doors get scratched and dinged up. The wreath hanger may even damage the front of the door, by rubbing against the paint.

  • What size do wreath hangers come in?

  • Over the door wreath hangers are typically metal, plastic or acrylic, and are somewhat S shaped (or a stretched out sideways 5, lol). They are made to rest on top of the door, and then have a sloped piece in the front to rest the wreath on/in. They come in a few different lengths, most commonly 12鈥?or 15鈥?

  • Can you swap out your wreaths?

  • Then you can swap out wreaths whenever you鈥檇 like, and not have to worry about it damaging a chunk of paint (except for the tiny hole). Nails are sturdy and should hold most wreaths just fine. This is a fairly permanent solution, and one that my non-committing heart probably wouldn鈥檛 recommend.

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