how to install a wood burning fireplace

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  • How to install a wood burning stove?

  • Before installing a wood burner, clear the opening of your fireplace and open it up to create space for the stove. With an open chimney and larger fireplace opening, it will now be possible to make measurements for your stove and insert a new hearth or lintel. Wood burning stoves come in different sizes.

  • What size fireplace opening do I need for a wood burner?

  • The exact fireplace opening size you need for your wood burner depends on what size stove you want. You need to be able to leave enough space around the stove to provide the required distance to combustibles and to ensure an adequate air supply is available to the stove.

  • How do I prepare my fireplace for a new stove?

  • Checklist: 1 Measure your fireplace chamber to see how well your stove will fit inside it 2 Ensure there are no combustible materials within the required space around the wood burner More …

  • Can you use an old fireplace for a wood burning stove?

  • You might also have an old fireplace surround you want to keep for your wood burning stove. If your fireplace opening is big enough and it is made from a non-combustible material, there is no reason why you have to replace it. However, a fireplace beam is often preferred. Can You Open Up an Old Fireplace For a Wood Burner?

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