how to install a wood burning fireplace

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  • Can a wood burning stove be installed in an existing fireplace?

  • A wood burning stove can be installed in an existing fireplace, subject to there being a sufficient amount of space available in the fireplace to hold a stove, and there being a proper chimney. There are also other considerations that need to taken into account when looking to have a wood stove installed in a fireplace.

  • How do I install a wood stove insert?

  • Start by inspecting your fireplace to see if you will be able to install for a wood stove insert. Look for any potential damage and see where you may have to remove some pipes or parts of the fireplace to begin your installation.

  • What size fireplace opening do I need for a wood burner?

  • The exact fireplace opening size you need for your wood burner depends on what size stove you want. You need to be able to leave enough space around the stove to provide the required distance to combustibles and to ensure an adequate air supply is available to the stove.

  • How do I prepare my fireplace for a new stove?

  • Checklist: 1 Measure your fireplace chamber to see how well your stove will fit inside it 2 Ensure there are no combustible materials within the required space around the wood burner More …

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