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  • How to install exterior wood siding?

  • How to Install Exterior Wood Siding. 1 Step 1: Gather Materials Make a Plan. Using a crowbar and hammer carefully remove a section of your existing exterior cladding to see what is behind … 2 Step 2: Remove Existing Cladding. 3 Step 3: Check Wall for Damage. 4 Step 4: Install Moisture Barrier. 5 Step 5: Cut Starter Plank. More items

  • What is wood siding?

  • Wood siding is a type of exterior finish material that adds an authentic quality to new home construction and is easy to install. Siding is available in wood, aluminum, clapboard and synthetic or composite materials.

  • What kind of wood should I use to install wood siding?

  • There are several kinds of wood that construction experts recommend if you want to install wood siding for your home. These include unfinished red cedar and cypress. For a successful installation, the wood siding has to be in the form of horizontal overlapping boards.

  • How do you acclimate wood siding for winter?

  • Acclimate the wood siding outside for at least seven days but not more than 30 days. Elevate the wood by 12 inches or more. Separate layers of siding with scrap woodblocks. Shield the stored wood to promote airflow and to keep it dry.

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