how to install wood wall planks

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How to Install a Wood Plank WallPrep Boards and Remove Baseboard. Working outside or in a ventilated area,sand until your boards reach your desired look. …Find and Mark Studs. Using stud finder,locate and mark all studs along the length of the wall you will be working on. …Install Plywood Board. …Install First Plank. …Alternate Seams. …Plan for Outlets. …Work Around Outlets. …Finish Wall. …

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  • How do you install paneling on a blank wall?

  • Prepare your blank wall. You can install wood paneling directly over drywall- or- in the case of tongue groove paneling, you can install directly over wall studs since the tongue groove creates a seal.

  • How do you install staggered wall paneling?

  • The tongue of the board should be facing up towards the ceiling while the groove faces down towards the floor. Use your nail gun to tack your board in place trying to hit any studs you may cross along the way. Utilize both long and short boards for a nice staggered wall paneling look. Continue to lay your boards row by row.

  • How do you secure a plywood wall to a stud?

  • Using a nail gun, secure 1/4 plywood to the wall at the studs, extending to the ceiling. You can also use 1-5/8 construction screws. Use a jigsaw to cut a hole in the plywood base for outlets. The board acts as a barrier between the planks and the wall.

  • How do you level a wall before installing baseboard?

  • And now the real work starts鈥?Starting at the bottom, level the first row, leaving a gap at the bottom that will be covered by the baseboard. We used another plank as a spacer between the floor and the bottom board. Keep in mind that you鈥檒l want to leave a small gap on either side of the wall to allow for expansion.

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