how to keep wood off the ground

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There are countless ways to get your firewood off the ground. You canbuild/buy a rack, use pallets, railroad ties, pressure treated lumber, warehouse racking, etc. It really doesn鈥檛 matter how you get the wood off the ground as long as it鈥檚 up a few inches and out of pooling rain/snow.

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  • How do you protect wood from the ground?

  • Let the wood dry overnight before you put it in the ground. This is probably the most commonly used and one of the best methods for preserving wood. You should use a wood preservative that contains copper naphthenate and it should meet the AWPA (American Wood Protection Association) Standard for preserving wood for ground contact.

  • How to prevent wood from rotting in the ground?

  • While the best way to prevent wood from rotting in the ground is to use a protective coating on it, there are other ways of ensuring that your wooden workpiece like fence posts and flower boxes are protected against the ravages of degradation. What are they though?

  • How do you treat wood for contact with the ground?

  • The best way to treat wood for ground contact is soaking the part of the wood that will have contact with the ground in wood preservative for 20 minutes. Then paint the part of the wood with a thick layer of the same wood preservative. Let the wood dry overnight before you put it in the ground.

  • How do you keep posts from rotting in the ground?

  • If you want to protect a wooden post from rotting in the ground, opt for wood that has been pressure-treated and has a 4A or 4B rating on the tag, as these woods are especially resistant to rot. To treat your post, soak the bottom foot for 15 to 20 minutes in a large bucket of wood preservative containing copper napthenate.

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