how to keep wood off the ground

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Build a Foundation Using a rack for firewood storageis the easiest way to keep your wood off the ground, allow for better air circulation, and avoid or limit some of the above-mentioned issues. If you do not have a rack, you can keep your wood off the ground by creating a foundation on which to stack it.

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  • What can I use to keep wood off the ground?

  • To do this, you can use bricks, cinder blocks, pallets, scrap wood, 2x4s, or even some of your firewood logs. If you are not able to build a foundation or use a rack to keep your wood off of the ground, there are some other options for helping to keep your wood dry.

  • How do you treat wood for contact with the ground?

  • The best way to treat wood for ground contact is soaking the part of the wood that will have contact with the ground in wood preservative for 20 minutes. Then paint the part of the wood with a thick layer of the same wood preservative. Let the wood dry overnight before you put it in the ground.

  • How do you store firewood without a firewood rack?

  • If you do not have a firewood rack, you can raise your stack off of the ground by creating a foundation from pallets, 2x4s, scrap wood, some of your logs, cinder blocks or bricks. If raising your firewood storage off of the ground is not an option, there are other ways to help keep the bottom of your stack drier.

  • How do you protect firewood from rain and snow?

  • If your stack is not covered, you can help protect your dry wood from rain and snow by stacking it with the bark facing up, which will more readily allow the rain and snow to roll off of the wood to avoid absorption. The simplest, most convenient firewood storage is a firewood rack.

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