how to make a wooden bearing

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  • Can you make a bearing out of wood?

  • Where large bearings are required, it isn’t necessary to find a block of wood large enough to make the whole bearing. Smaller pieces of untreated wood can be glued into larger sections before being impregnated with oil.

  • How important is the hardness of the wood when choosing bearings?

  • It is also worth noting that generally, the harder the wood, the greater its weight and the more difficult it is to work. The oiliness of the wood is a particularly important consideration when the bearings are unlikely (or not intended) to receive lubrication during their service.

  • How do Woodex bearings work?

  • The substance which typically destroys shafts becomes a benign part of the bearing! The wood releases lubricant when the shaft begins to spin and the journal interface heats; when the shaft stops and the journal cools, the natural capillary action of the wood retrieves the lubricant. Woodex bearings are thus permanently lubricated.

  • What are bearings made out of?

  • Most people tend to think of bearings as metal assemblies of races and rolling elements. While engineers and mechanics may also envision plain bearings made of soft metals and plastics, not many people are willing to accept bearings made out of wood. People have been using rotating shafts of one sort or another for thousands of years.

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