how to make an airtight wooden box

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  • How do you build an airtight box?

  • With a few supplies that are readily available at any home improvement store, you could build your own airtight box in just minutes. Measure the size of the item (s) you wish to place in the airtight box. Measure sections of MDF for your box. Add room beyond the measurements of the item you wish to store.

  • How do you make a box lid?

  • I glued it in a way so the box was a nice square. After the glue dried i cut out a bottom panel from thin plywood and glued that on. I used teo different kind of wood becouse it looks nicer and becouse I din’t have enough of the same wood for the whole lid. You can just make a lid from a piece of ply wood if you want.

  • How do you make a box out of wood?

  • I used some wood i had left from another project but you can make this box in a lot of variations. I made the frame from a long strip of wood that i cut into for equal pieces and glued it up in my miter clamps. I glued them with but joints but you can also use duvetail joints or something else, I just used this becouse it always works.

  • How do I attach filament to a box wall?

  • Drill a hole a few inches from the top of the tote with a drill bit of slightly larger diameter than your filament. Test fit the filament and lightly sand both sides of the box wall for better glue adhesion.

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