how to make wooden radiator covers

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To builda radiator cover,start by measuring the dimensions of your radiator and using a skill or circular saw to cut pieces of wood for the top,sides,and front,leaving 2 inches of clearance on all sides. Then,cut a rectangle from the front piece of wood and secure a piece of metal grating over the hole using staples.

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  • How to build a radiator cover?

  • In this video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva explains how to build a radiator cover. 1. Measure depth of radiator, then add 2 1/2 inches to that dimension. 2. Cut two MDF side panels to size with circular saw and straightedge guide.

  • How much space do you need to cover a radiator?

  • You will want to leave a 40mm gap around the outside of the radiator to allow sufficient air flow once the cover is attached. Starting with the width of the radiator, add 40mm to one end, or both ends if you intend to cover the valve. In my example I will cover one side only, leaving access to the valve on one side.

  • Which wood should I use for a radiator cover?

  • WHICH WOOD SHOULD I USE FOR A RADIATOR COVER? For a radiator cover to cope well under heat, it is recommended that you use MDF. It loves to keep dry and it hates moisture. You can also see in my plans below that I used 18mm MDF to it is strong. I prefer buying it in large 2440 x 1220mm sheets as it tends to be much cheaper.

  • How can I protect my kids from cast iron radiators?

  • Steam radiators get much hotter than hot water radiators and this cover is a great solution to protect your kids from cast-iron ones. Besides if you decide to cover the backside of your radiator with foil the cover is a great way to hide that. (via instructables)

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