how to paint wood stairs

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  • Can you paint wooden stairs inside the House?

  • Whether you want to paint your timber stairs for the first time or think redoing wooden stairs is a good idea 鈥?to get a new, fresh feeling in the house, or because the stairs simply need refinishing 鈥? the paint to paint the wooden stairs/ timber stairs inside the house clearly determine not only the visual look but also the durability.

  • How to paint stair treads?

  • Use a paint brush to cut in at the edges and allow them to dry before using the staircase as usual. 5. How to paint stair treads To paint the treads, you’ll want to use a roller and apply the paint as before.

  • How do you make painted stairs slippery?

  • If you’re worried about your painted stairs being slippery, you might want to add a grit to the paint to give it a bit of texture. Simply mix that in with whatever color you opt for and paint as normal. Be sure to let your stairs dry completely (at least overnight, ideally 24 hours) before walking on them.

  • Do you have to Prime stairs before painting?

  • Stairs, like floors, may require a bit more prep work because they get so much more traction (literally) than walls. Before you paint, you’ll want to thoroughly clean and sand your stairs. 2. Prime Since the stairs will likely be getting a fair amount of wear, a good primer is key.

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